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Zechariah 13 :: Names


What’s your name?

Why? Because your name is your identity.

For instance, when you read the name, “John,” who comes to mind? Regardless of how many people you know that are named “John,” you can identify each individual separately. What you have experienced or observed about a particular “John” relates to how you define “John.”

Ultimately, we lack a tremendous amount of information as we attempt to define others, and even ourselves.

What about when you read the name of Jesus? How do you define Jesus? How does Jesus define Himself?

In Zechariah 13, we see the LORD exterminating the names, the identities, the definitions of God that are sourced apart from His self-revelation.

When we call on the name of Jesus for salvation, for life, when we say that, “The LORD is my God,” God answers and says, “[You] are My people.” Because He is our God and we are His people, He will not tolerate any other gods in our lives.

May He cut off every idol from the landscape of our minds and hearts. May we receive our new names, our new identities, from Him.

Posted on February 4, 2018 and filed under Zechariah.