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Genesis 14 :: Give & Take


You may have heard of the term give-and-take regarding balance in relationships. This is not the case with God Most High.

In this chapter we see a lot of taking by force and demands to give.

We also see clear pictures of what God has given – Himself.

There are some things we must give up so that we may take hold of the things God has offered.

(Deut 2:8-21; Eph 1:7; Ps 110; Heb 7; Luke 22:14-23; 1 Cor 11:23-34; Ps 78:35; Deut 14:22-29; Num18:21-32; 2 Cor 9; Isa 62:8; Dan 12:7; Rev 10:5-6)

Posted on September 16, 2018 and filed under Genesis.