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Genesis 17 :: Narrow


“Allegiance to God means to condition the entire range of human experience by the awareness of His presence and in response to His demands.”

From the beginning God has been revealing Himself to those whom He created in His image.

As He has revealed Himself He has given promises, confirmations, and demands.

If He is our God, we are to live our lives in the knowledge of His presence and in His perfection through faith in Jesus Christ.

As for Him, He can and will do all that He has promised.

As for us, we can and will – only in Jesus – do all that He has demanded.

Who He is causes us to humbly fall before Him in awe and submission.

What He demands causes us to respond without hesitation.

Today is the day.

(Ex 6:3; Isa 62:2; Rev 2:19, 3:12; Rom 2:28-29; Gal 6:12-13; Eph 2:11; Phil 3:3; Col 2:11; Lev 26:41; Deut 10:16; Ex 6:12, 30; Jer 6:10; Acts 7:51; Lev 20:1-6)

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