Genesis 12:4-13:18 :: Abraham's Trees


By faith Abraham obeyed.

His attitudes and actions may not always have been perfect, but his faith was continually in process as he journeyed through life with the LORD.

In these chapters we follow him from one tree to another. Moreh means “teaching.” Mamre means “strength.”

God was always with him. He repeatedly called upon the name of the LORD and built multiple altars to the LORD along the way.

The LORD blessed Abraham greatly, but that did not mean that his life was free from issues. The surrounding culture was often terrible. The necessities of life were sometimes lacking. Decisions had unknown consequences. Family relationships were occasionally tempestuous.

Such is a life of faith.

Abraham’s faith teaches us many things about our Lord and ourselves. As we apply the lessons learned we will be led to strength in the Lord.  

(Heb 11:8; Deut 16:18; Gen 20:13)

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