Genesis 9 :: Solemn Oath


Jesus Christ became a servant for the truth of God, to confirm the promises, that we might glorify God for His mercy (Rom 15:8-9).

God has established multiple covenants with His creation – specifically with man.

In all His promises we see the high value God places on the life of man, for in the image of God He made man. We see His love. We see His mercy. We see His covering.

Ultimately, we see Jesus. For it is His life in His blood that has been given to us so that our sins may be covered.

Confess your sins, the errors of your way. Forsake them. Receive His mercy. Be saved from death. And know that His love covers all sins.

(Rom 15:8-9; Lev 17; Deut 12; Ac ts 15; Num 35:31; Heb 9:15-17; Ezek 1:28; Ex 13:21; Lev 18; Lev 17:11: Ps 32:1; Rom 4:7; Ps 85:2; Prov 10:12; 1 Pet 4:8; Prov 28:13; Jam 5:20)

Posted on August 19, 2018 and filed under Genesis, Hebrews.