Genesis 20:1-21:7 :: As He Said


The incident in Genesis 20 reminds us, once again, that no believer in God is perfect in their thoughts and behaviors. Sometimes integrity is missing in the midst of faith.

We are also reminded that not everyone who does not believe in God is as depraved and wicked as those in Sodom. Sometimes integrity is found in the midst of unbelief.

But God remains incorruptible, sound, complete, unimpaired, undivided - the definition of integrity.

What He has said, what He has spoken, will be performed at His set time - always. 

(Ps 25:21, 26:1, 41:12; Pr 2:7, 10:9, 29, 11:3, 13:6, 20:7; Rom 11:29; Ac t 27:25)


Posted on November 11, 2018 and filed under Genesis.